Top 4 Altcoins That You Should Care For In 2018

If not for anything, the year 2018 seems favorable for your cryptocurrency investment procedures, as various experts are favorable about the growth of the cryptocurrency market, despite the bubble situation surrounding it. Therefore, if you care about your financial prosperity the practice of cryptocurrency investment is the right, which can happen even without the Bitcoins! Yes, the market value of the Bitcoin is as high as $8000, approx., which makes it an unaffordable digital currency, if not for all, at least, for most of them, for which the availability of the altcoins serves as the boon.

Among 900+ altcoins available today, it is enough if you concentrate on the four of them mentioned below, in this 2018, to have a profitable future!

  • Ethereum

The next popular cryptocurrency after the ‘Big Daddy’ Bitcoins is the Ethereum, whose market value of approx. $50 Billion proves its supremacy. The popularity of the Ethereum lies in the fact, it is more than a cryptocurrency or a payment system; it is an open-source platform, where the developers can build decentralized applications to suit their or their concern’s needs, which can offer them not only a sophisticated but, also a secured outcome, assuredly! Therefore, no wonder it is being favored in 2018, as more companies are keen to be benefited by the Ethereum Blockchain!

  • Neo

Not only in 2018 Neo can make your life profitable but, also in the future, because this ‘Chinese Ethereum’ not only has the stronger backing in the name of China but, also has stronger commitment and goals, which are oriented towards digitizing assets and, as well as the digital identity. These can lead to a smarter economy, which naturally, attracts the interests of the experts and the cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide to only reach one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap!

  • Monero

If you are particular about making your transactions in silent, then Monero could be your perfect choice, as it has been identified as the only untraceable crypto coin by a group of researchers from the Princeton University. So, as privacy and security are the greatest expectations of this technological era, the growth of the Monero is unstoppable and so the growth of you if you invest in them in this transforming 2018!

  • IOTA

This relatively newer cryptocurrency is made specifically for the Internet of Things, with a newer concept called The Tangle, which IOTA refer to as the advanced or next generation Blockchain, in where neither mining nor fees are involved, surprisingly! Although IOTA is still in the development stage, the benefits offered by it through its own version of blockchain are captivating enough to boost its market and growth, undoubtedly!